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Vicomte A.


  Vicomte A.

Arthur De Soultrait

The unique brand of Vicomte A., with its bright and daring colors along with its impeccable finishing, will open this month at the Avenues Mall, Kuwait. Men’s Passion decided to meet with the mastermind behind this exclusive brand, Arthur De Soultrait, in order to learn more on the brand, and gain insight on why he has chosen Kuwait as his next franchising endeavor.

MP: What does the name Vicomte A. represent?

Arthur: Vicomte is a title in French aristocracy- a small yet rare title to hold. I have been fortunate enough to have this name, and my full name is Vicomte Arthur De Soultrait, so the brand has been taken as a shortened version of my title of Vicomte Arthur. Consequently, the crown above the brand name is also representative of the crown of a Vicomte.

MP: We hear you fell into the fashion industry quite by chance. Could you please tell us this story?

Arthur: Growing up, my family would breed horses in Burgundy. I have always had a taste for clothing that symbolizes that of my childhood, one that paralleled around horse riding and breeding. When I went for my studies, I majored in Business, and never studied fashion. However, with time, I set up a great team inclusive of my designer William, which has pushed me even further in my career of fashion. I may have fallen into this industry by chance, but we have now won a significant prize for a top French men’s wear designer award.

MP: What inspired you to get into fashion?

Arthur: I have always been inspired by color and elegance, and find that it truly reflects me as a person. When I began in this industry, I was making ties, and I realized that I wanted to make something out of the ordinary; something different inclusive of bold colors. Furthermore, I always make sure my work reflects elegance, as I find it an important aspect of fashion.

MP: Is there a reason for the bright colors in your clothing?

Arthur: I like to use colors to enrich the touch of the clothing I create. Whenever new designs are created, we make sure to incorporate a number of different colors to fit with the designs.

MP: Vicomte A. has many franchises in Europe and North America; why have you now chosen Kuwait as your new destination?

Arthur: I have always wanted to cater to places in the Middle East, as I find that people here often travel abroad to find clothes like mine. Many Middle Easterners, even Kuwaitis, are found buying my clothes from outside. I decided that opening this clothing brand in Kuwait will be beneficial for us, as well as the buyers. We have created exclusive designs just for Kuwait, and hopefully the people of Kuwait will enjoy these styles.

First Published in Men's Passion Issue #39 April 2012


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