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Designed by Hind ‘Al Nad’ Tableware Collection. In collaboration with Bernardaud, Christofle and Mario Cioni At Tanagra for Ramadan 2017

When Tanagra set its sights on creating a first exclusive Ramadan collection designed by a GCC national, they found a natural partner in Sheikha Hind Al Qasimi. Sheikha Hind and Tanagra share the same passion for craftsmanship and creation – and the Sharjah-based designer has lifelong love of tableware.

This love of tableware was inspired by her mother. “I grew up watching my mother setting the table for guests,” says Sheikha Hind. “Everything was perfect – it was like a ritual for her. All the plates, the flowers, the cutlery, what she would serve and in which dish she would serve it. She used to sketch out the table to plan it – each plate and what it would hold. I learnt from her.”

In 2009, frustrated that the market didn’t offer the style of coffee cups she was seeking, she started sketching her own designs and, in 2011, started her own business producing collections of bespoke tableware: DesignedbyHind.The first collections were given to her friends as Ramadan gifts, and quickly her reputation grew.

When Tanagra approached Sheikha Hind for this Ramadan collection she embarked on a period of lengthy research and hard thinking, and the desert dune idea came to her mind.

She says;“I started working around the theme of dunes – their shapes, their colors, their texture”. Sheikha Hind sees nuances in desert sand that many of us may overlook. The different shades of colour when wet or dry; changing again when kissed by the morning rays or the warm glow of sunset.The shapes defined by the region, with dunes compelled to shift to new shapes as they are driven by the wind.

And so, ‘Al Nad’ was born. Al Nad – the medium dune of Arabia’s Empty Quarter.

With the ‘Al Nad’ collection for Tanagra, she worked with three of the world’s most unrivalled manufacturers; Limoges-based porcelain factory Bernardaud, Parisian silver flatware makers Christofle and family-owend Italian crystal manufacturer Mario Cionni.

Bernardaud – from whom she used to buy her mother presents as well as collect for herself – crafted fine porcelain bowls and coffee cups – both (for the first time in Bernardaud’s history) lidded as a reflection of Sheikha Hind’s oriental theme and with rose gold decoration in three patterns, each design inspired by grains of sand as they run through hands and the wind-formed rivulets that sculpt the dunes. In another first, the Arabian coffee cup is accompanied by porcelain spoons. There’s also a porcelain incense burner.

Mario Cioni worked on the glassware, mirroring Sheikha Hind’s dune pattern around the base in brilliant crystal, and a silver tray by Christofle and engraved with the words “blessing, caring and giving” in Arabic calligraphy completes the collection.

Sheikha Hind accepts that to some the desert might look arid and inhospitable, as such she created her serving tray as a reminder to all that the desert is indeed a “blessing”, as it is “caring” and “giving”; the three words she used as calligraphy to ornate Al Nad’s silver tray by Christofle.

“It was a privilege to collaborate with Tanagra and to bring the Al Nad collection to life,” concluded Sheikha Hind, “and I feel proud having worked with three distinguished manufacturers.”

The ‘Al Nad’ collection from DesignedbyHind is available exclusively at Tanagra stores across the GCC.


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