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The seemingly simple Gabrielle Chanel bottle is a work of true craftsmanship that required years of development. Its square shape, intrigate glasswork and beveled lines lets the fragrance shine through and reveals its inner light. The matte lamé packaging, on the border between gold and silver, features a special corrugation that protects the bottle like a precious treasure.

The Bottle – Glass 15 born of the fusion between fire and sand. Sand, soda ash and lime are mixed with cullet (broken glass) to form a raw material, which 15 heated to a very high temperature of around 1600°c (2099°f). The molten glass produces a drop that is poured into draft bottle molds and then takes its final shape in a finishing mold. The bottle 15 then re-heated at a very high temperature to smooth the glass surface and boost its transparency and brilliance. Finally, the bottle 15 slowly cooled and gradually its transparency reveals itself. The ‘Marloquette’-the slightly curved bottom inside fragrance bottles-was pushed outward and then cut and polished until almost invisible to achieve an exquisitely fine glass.

The Cap – The cap 15 stamped into its square, beveled shape using a custom mold. It 15 then polished and immersed in an anodizing bath to obtain its golden lamé colour, a subtle mix of gold and silver. Each cap 15 then stamped with the CHANEL logo and inspected individually.

The Outer Packaging – Two shades of hot-stamped gold were custom-designed for both the inside and the outside of the packaging. Bordering between gold and silver, these hues were directly inspired by the haute couture fabrics conserved in the CHANEL heritage department and echo the light-filled fragrance.

Showcased Like A Precious Gem – Mirroring the perfection of a .jacket lining, the patented embossed interior of the case houses the bottle like a casket, 50 that when one removes the bottle from the outer pack, it appears first nestled in a perfect imprint of its silhouette.

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