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There are many ways to take one’s place in the world. Choosing, Corneliani means doing so in a way that is discreet and informed.  By giving traditional codes their dues and harmoniously blending craftsmanship and technology, Corneliani’s style means garments that are predominantly deconstructed and unlined, and therefore extremely light, thanks to exclusive fabrics such as  Flawless1 and Savor2.

Double-breasted, single-breasted with two buttons, frisé and printed yarns, pinstripes and over-checks are all present in the most classic colours, including blue and desert shades ranging from burnt earth to dark brown, with flashes of shaded emerald.

Three themes for Spring Summer 2017 Sartoria3
This segment of the collection is designed for the man who makes details his distinguishing feature. Here, Corneliani’s own defining characteristic – the marriage of craftsmanship and technology – is particularly brought to the fore. Work performed by hand, such as the shoulder and armhole construction; help make the experience of dressing well every day an exclusive one, using a language that can only really be understood by those who already know what the best means. The personalised packaging underscores the sense of uniqueness.

This precious fabric and its extraordinary properties, conventionally used on business garments, show off all its powers of versatility in this capsule collection, proving to be the perfect solution for more casual designs as well. From the traditional suit to the pea coat, from the jacket to the car coat: the purpose may differ, but it’s totally comfortable fit remains the same.

Light living
Destructured and multifunctional: the jacket is as light and soft as a shirt and has been enhanced with the iconic chest piece in three contrasting fabrics, detachable as in the Identity Jacket, making it adaptable to a range of climatic conditions.


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