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Fahad Al Ghareeb at Kuwait’s Power Boat Centre enjoys life in the fast lane. In this special sixty-second interview, Carla Sommers ask him to take us on a lightning tour of his company’s boat brands and what to expect at KYS 2017.

What are the key brands you represent in Kuwait? Why did you pick these brands?
We primarily deal in Sunseeker and IMG yachts. We picked them because they are both synonymous with luxury, performance and style. Sunseeker started in the UK in Poole, and have a long history dating back to 1969, by the 70s they were already world leaders and highly advanced, a tradition they have continued to this day.IMG are popular as they are highly versatile fishing boats that although they are not produced in large numbers, compared to other big boat brands, they are technically advanced.

What products will you show at the Yacht Show? We will showcase our best brands that cater to a wide range of customers here in Kuwait; these include Sunseeker, IMG, Cigarette, Mercury and Marine spare parts.

What do Kuwaitis find so special about Sunseeker yachts? The Sunseeker brand is known worldwide for its high-quality boats, they come with superb interior design and they feel very luxurious. The largest boat we have sold here was an 116 footer.

Please tell us about the appeal of Cigarette yachts? The Cigarette powerboat is a great brand for those who like the excitement of speed combined with a truly luxurious ride. It’s glamorous and powerful. We always say the Cigarette speed boat is not a boat it’s a legend – you see it being enjoyed by people like Formula 1 racing drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at the Monaco Grand Prix last year. Here in Kuwait, our 50-foot Cigarette powerboat is best-selling.

Please tell us more about the IMG brand and their most popular models that are suited to Kuwait IMG yachts are well suited to Kuwait as we have many people who enjoy going out fishing in the Gulf; it’s part of our tradition here. IMG offers a very versatile range of fishing boats that are of high quality, and it is, of course, a brand that has a very generous range of features that come as standard – which gives the customer the satisfaction of knowing he gets value for money, plus you have the sheer enjoyment factor which gives the brand great credibility especially for those who love sea fishing.

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