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The Boucheron serpent slithers its way to the necks, ears and hands of jewellery aficionados, its languorous torpor spiked by a touch of glamorous nonchalance.

A classic of the Parisian jewellery house since 1968, Serpent Boheme is defined abstractly by a drop-shaped design for the snake’s head, which is set with diamonds or coloured stones, grosgrain beading and the twisted chain motif that all jewellery aficionados have come to identify as a hallmark of Boucheron. Sculpted gold gives the serpent three-dimensional scales. The Boucheron Serpent Boheme has been enlivened with the use of transparent coloured hard stones. The pieces feature amethyst, citrine, onyx, white mother of pearl and lapis lazuli set on white, yellow and rose gold in a collection that also includes timepieces.

Onyx and pink gold

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