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Gulf Master Boats was founded in 1994, and gained an excellent experience and competence in the field of boat building, During this period of time the company has built a diverse and unique series of kind of models and sizes of Gulf Master Boats in three divisions: Pleasure Boats, Commercial Boats, and Military Boats, which have become a trusted and recognized by the government sector, the corporate sector, and individuals.

Gulf Master Boats has gained a wide reputation in the State of Kuwait and made it in the forefront as a leader in the field of boating industry with wide fame because of the outstanding performance, safety, quality, rigidity, efficiency, and high durability which are known characteristic of Gulf Master Boats for more than two decades. Gulf Master Boats team is proud of producing boats worthy of bearing the name Gulf Master… all thanks to the great efforts of this team starting with the excellent designs and technical operations through manufacturing until the final touches. We’ve developed in recent years and become the largest boat builder in Kuwait and a leading boat builder in the region. Gulf Master Boats currently have 18 different sizes from 17’-40’ boats.

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