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Throughout the summer, Lebanese-Armenian designer Karen Chekerdjian has had plaudits rain down upon her for the installations and exhibits that formed her show ‘Respiration’ at Paris’s L’Institut du Monde Arabe.  If you haven’t found time to view it, it’s too late; it closed at the end of August.

To true design aficionados, this is a detail of little consequence. It has already been pored over, analyzed, dissected and explained in poetic detail by numerous possessors of the highest journalistic eloquence. Curious readers won’t need to search too far online in their attempts to learn more.

The real story is what lies behind her three-month tenure in Paris. Her apprenticeship in Milan, her decade and more honing her skills within the demanding market of her home city, Beirut, and the subsequent awakening of the world to her talents over the past couple of years.

Her time of experimentation at L’Institut may have passed, but what is of far more interest to the true aesthete is what will Chekerdjian do next?


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