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TFK has truly turned the 27 sqm space on the Level 1, Gallery floor of the Kingdom Centre in its own manifestation while it sits on one of the major landmarks of the capital with its tower of 300 meter and its renewed ‘sky bridge’ overlooking Riyadh. The store design is conceptualized to create an ambiance of modernity and elegance, while still maintaining a reflection of the region’s heritage. The brand’s signature pattern is embossed on the wooden back wall to symbolize the dunes of the desert.

As one of the first free-standing boutiques, the store will display the limited editions from the MY and TRIBUTE collections.

MY collection is Sheikh Majed Al Sabah’s most luxurious blends prepared in close collaboration with the finest noses in the world. “The Finest Everyday” and “The Arab Springs Everyday” from the MY collection will be displayed at the store exclusively till January 2017.

Tribute Collection is a cherished gift to all those places the fragrance respects and admires. “Give Me A Chance”, which is a tribute to Zanzibar, will also be exclusive to the store till January 2017.

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