Kyron Audio has won several Australian awards including the 2014 Sydney Design Awards and Sound + Image Magazine 2015 Best Loudspeaker over $20,000.


The company now wants to target the international hyper luxury market.

The former Air Force musicians have been making speakers together for 15 years after first discussing the idea on a Hercules flight in 2001.

They designed high-end bespoke systems for a couple of years before embarking on their goal of building the world’s best loudspeaker.

“We spent about eight years building our first flagship, the Gaia, which sells for $249,000. We launched that in 2011 at the Australian Hi-fi Show – no one knew who we were and we walked away with best sound in Australia two years running,” Suter said.

The Gaia system features 20 drivers and eight 1200-watt mono-block amplifiers.

“It’s a big beast for a dedicated space … it’s for the guy who wants the Veyron not the Hyundai,” Suter said.

Kyron Audio released its $121,000 Kronos dipolar system in late 2014, which is designed to fit into a more standard living space.

Nidal Al-Shaker