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Porsche means many things to many people. One constant throughout though is the passion it engenders. Well known to Porsche aficionados in Kuwait is Noura Al-Bshaier – affectionately known as Lady Porsche. As elegant and glamorous as the car she chooses to drive, we met Noura to hear more about her passion, and about her involvement with the Porsche Club of Kuwait.

What inspired your love for Porsche?

The history of the car from its designer Ferdinand Porsche, the man who was responsible for designing the first Porsche 356 which began an evolution to the present day 911. Secondly its ease of use. The 911 is one of the very few sportscar that can be used everyday. Lastly, as a woman interested in fashion, I was able to customize my Porsche to my taste – a style that reflects my personality.

What is your current model, and what are the special characteristics that attracted you to it?

I have a chocolate colored Carrera 911 with red interior – it reflects my passion for chocolate

Porsche is more than a sportscar marque these days, it’s everything from SUV to Grand Tourer, and each model is more desirable than the one that came before. What do you believe lies behind Porsche’s success? What’s their secret?

Well, in my point of view, they defined and established the standards that every other marque now has to try to reach. I met the team behind the success during the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) at Bahrain international Circuit last year. One of my most memorable experiences was meeting Wolfgang Porsche – the youngest grandson of Ferdinand (Ferry) Porsche the creator of all the magic.

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There was a time when sportscars were pretty much men-only. What’s the reaction you receive when you step out of your car at a Porsche event? Is there still an element that feels women aren’t welcome?

Not at all, in fact Porsche’s first client was a lady, so Porsche and women go way back. Women today are able to drive sportscars without any physical disadvantages and enjoy the sensation of owning and driving a sportscar. Also, the majority of Porsche owners are in Kuwait are women.

You’re closely involved in the Porsche Club Kuwait. What is your role?

I am the Public Relations Manager of the committee of the Porsche Club Kuwait, and I use the moniker Lady Porsche while hitting my role in social media networking channels. I enjoy meeting the Porsche fans and motorsports supporters, and also attending motorsports events within the region and beyond. My goal is to be an inspiration to all the women in my region

What does the PCK offer owners and lovers of Porsche in Kuwait?

It enables them to share their passion for Porsche with fellow Porsche enthusiasts. We all exchange knowledge and information about Porsche by meeting like minded persons and exchange experiences. We enjoy quality events throughout the year, and exclusivity to official Porsche and dealer events, with offers and discounts from Porsche and partner companies, and  offers and discounts from hand-picked companies

Which are the key annual PCK events that Porsche-lovers really shouldn’t miss?

Plenty! Club Establishment Anniversary parade on 18th November; Track Day at Bahrain International Circuit; Auto Cross challenge; Karting challenge; Porsche Photography Contest; and attending Federation International Automobile (FIA) World Endurance Championship races (WEC) to support the Porsche team

What is PCK’s relationship with the dealer, Behbehani? 

Very close, since we are an official club that is registered at Porsche AG in Germany as club number 212 of the 670 Porsche clubs throughout 86 countries that have more than 200,000 members worldwide.

We are the second official club in GCC. We have great support from Porsche Middle East and Porsche Centre Kuwait – Behbehani Motors Company.

The dealer offers new Porsche owners free one year membership to the club, an invitation to dealer events and priority for offers and information about new products, and offers very special offers and discounts on new and approved car purchases, accessories, parts, service and Porsche Drivers Selection.

What is your dream Porsche?  

My dream Porsche is the 918 Spyder – with a special color and my name on it!

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