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A microtechnical, design and surface engineer, Marco Tedeschi joined Hublot in 2007 as Product Manager, handling watch design, prototyping and production. In 2011, as Head of Middle East & Africa, he implemented and developed the brand’s strategy, tailored a marketing strategy for the Arab world and expanded the Hublot boutiques network. As Creative Manager and a member of the product creation committee, he collaborates closely with Jean-Claude Biver and Ricardo Guadalupe on new product designs and trends. He also manages special brand partnership projects.

In Kuwait recently, we sat with the dynamic young Marco as he took us through the wonderful world of Hublot’s novelties.

• What distinguishes Hublot from other brands, apart from the fabulous fusion of materials you employ?

We are know as exemplifying the art of fusion. But this refers not only to the way we work with materials, but also with the way we connect the past to the future. We’re also connecting tradition to innovation. In everything we do, we always try to be the first, to be different and unique. We have a good example here with the new collection – All Black – we were the first to create that concept. We have numerous examples throughout the collection. Another example is the Berluti – newly launched.

• In 2015 the Big Bang, the iconic watch of Hublot celebrated its ten-year anniversary. Launched in 2005, the world was very different. How do you ensure the Big Bang maintains its relevance in 2016?

That’s quite funny, because since 2005 the same watch has remained the best-seller. The first and iconic steel Big Bang is still the number one. Over the years we have made many variations, but the first became the icon – and when people think about Hublot this is the watch that first comes to mind.

• Which were the key launches at Baselworld?

We had many. The Berluti I’ve already mentioned. The Big Bang Unico was a significant launch, as was the new Big Bang for ladies. Across our four products lines Big Bang is still the main line. The Hublot Masterpiece stands out as a piece that attracted a lot of positive comments.

• What was the reaction to these new launches – in particular with your clients in the region?

If I tell you we have a waiting list in many countries for our new models, that will give you some idea as to the reception our watches received. Most of the novelties will begin to be delivered now, the order book is full, and so our only challenge that remains is to deliver.

• What makes a watch become an icon?

For a watch to become an icon, this is something that must be bestowed upon it by the people. There’s no recipe to creating an icon. Having said that, I feel that every ‘icon’ must contain certain ‘codes’, for want of a better word. It has to be simple, not too fancy. It has to have a story behind it. But no one can predict in advance whether a new watch is destined to become an icon.

• Regardless, what’s your feeling about this year’s new models? Do you have a feeling that any of these are destined to become icons?

That’s a good question. I really believe that the one-click ladies Big Bang is going to make its mark on the watch business. The one-click function is very significant. It’s already on the Unico – and it makes changing straps very easy. For women, this is hugely important in order to accessorize their watch.

• You’ve previously launched limited edition pieces in Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait. Can you tell us about the process of conceptualizing and creating these. And when will we see the next?

The next will be at the end of this year. It will be the second Kuwait edition. The process is long. What I always insist on doing discussing and even discovering the concept with our local partners, but also with our clients. When we make a dedicated watch for a dedicated market it’s important that we give them what they want. It is perhaps the only time we listen to the market so intently. Usually we don’t do market studies – we create what we believe in, and then create a market for it.

• What is your personal relationship with time?

I’m always running after it! I wish there were 48 hours in a day rather than 24. But seriously, time is very important for me since I am always travelling. I value time – I have work and I have family. The key is to get the balance of time right. This is what I am constantly seeking.

Big Bang Unico Sapphire All Black

The All Black becomes completely transparent. Ten years after the launch of the All Black concept, and to mark the anniversary of this current “must-have” trend, Hublot is subverting the natural order. It uses transparency to foster a new narrative between the visible and invisible. The exterior of its Big Bang watch is now invisible, so that the construction and movement of the timepiece are now fully visible.

Classic Fusion Berluti

Berluti’s emblematic Venezia leather and its famous patina, partnered with Hublot’s innovation in watchmaking creates The Classic Fusion. Hublot and Berluti work as modern day alchemists to create a watch with character and soul. In celebration of the Parisian shoemaker’s 120th birthday in 2015 it adorned an array of straps and dials for The Classic Fusion model.

Big Bang Meca-10

An introduction to mechanics. Enhance your wrist with the Meccano of your childhood. Plates,  axes, wheels, gears. Let your imagination run  free. For all those who spent hours building and dismantling technical constructions, experimenting in the  engineering  world, the Big  Bang  MECA-10 offers  itself as  a transitional object. It took  two  years  to  develop  and  refine  a  new  manufacture  movement with on-board mechanics. Atypical architecture with Meccano-type design. Hublot has created a new manufacture movement. Entirely conceived and developed in house, the HUB1201 is a skeleton mechanical movement with manual winding and a 10-day power reserve. There  are 223 components, straight  and  curved  perforated  metallic  strips, crown gears, racks, plates,  axes, and ratchet  wheels.

Big Bang Tutti Frutti Linen

After lace and denim, it’s time to place linen centre stage. This natural plant fibre is not only used for the strap, it also adorns the case and dial of the new Big Bang Tutti Frutti Linen collection. Light yet strong, it is anethical and sustainable symbol of elegance. Hublot  is  not  only  using  this  fibre  in  its  original  role  as  a  fabric,  but  also  to  create  an alternative  to  carbon  fibre  for  its  watch  cases. 

Big Bang Unico Italia Independent

When two hubs of innovation fuse materials and style, the end result is a truly rebellious timepiece. The camouflage pattern, fused with the structure of the Texalium®, is given a more stylised reinterpretation. Creative entrepreneur and style icon, Italia Independent Co-Founder and Chairman Lapo Elkann sets free his talent combining genres, exhibiting the greatest taste while always being at the cutting edge of fashion.

Big Bang Unico Sapphire

Once again, Hublot is adding its innovation and  expertise  with materials  to  the history of watchmaking firsts. By transforming the ‘savoir-faire,’ Hublot has developed the manufacturing ofunique and very hard materials, such as Magic Gold, the world’s only scratch-resistant gold. Now in 2016, Hublot has created 500 Big Bang Unico Sapphire models cut straight from sapphire, without losing sapphire’s unique and rare character. Sapphire—an extremely difficult  material  to  machine—has  until  now  been  reserved  for one-of-a-kind pieces  or  very  private  collections. After its  ambitious MP05 “LaFerrari” Sapphire project,  Hublot is capitalising  on  the  challenge  that  it has  just  met and asserting its  expertise  in  sapphire  cutting  by interpreting itin a series of 500 pieces.

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