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In town for the launch of Maurice Lacroix’s newest watch collections in partnership with Trafalgar, brand representatives David Sanchez (Product/R&D Director) and Marcel Gut (International Sales Director) chatted with us about their brand, their collections and their passions.


What do you have to tell us about your presence in the Middle East market and especially in Kuwait? 

We are very strong in the Middle East and we are very happy we found a professional partner like Trafalgar to increase our brand in Kuwait, and we are looking forward to growing our success together.


What will be your new collection to be launched in 2017?

In 2016 we launched the Aikon collection, which is a big success because of the design, the quality, and because of the high-perceived value. In 2017 we will add to this collection with new novelties. At Trafalgar the focus is on the ladies’ watches; three fantastic watches are in display here: the Eliros, the Fiaba, and the Aikon collections, so basically this will be the focus for next year, and we will continue with a highlight on the ladies watches.


How do you define your clients in the Middle East and Kuwait?

Our collections speak to the local clientele – targeting people who are looking for a very high level of quality and very specific designs. So, for us it’s always the same mix in terms of product: we look for the design, quality and for high-perceived value, which means that our target is the people who are looking for fantastic designs with a very competitive price. And, as mentioned before, our focus is on the ladies’ watches. We have a feeling that Maurice Lacroix will be just doing great in the ladies’ collection in Kuwait.


How do you evaluate the watchmaking industry with all the economical challenges?

Times are difficult, but this is also very good in terms of creativity of the product because when things are challenging you have to be more creative, and this is what we have seen this year with Aikon. It was launched this year and the results were way beyond our expectations, which means that there is always room for good products with quality and high-perceived value. Maurice Lacroix is well balanced and settled between Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas so it is a good opportunity to see how we respond to these markets.

If we look back to a few months earlier, we can say our success is due to our very professional partners and we are focusing on specific partnerships along with the novelties of our products.


How do you see your partnership with Trafalgar?

Our partnership with Trafalgar is the perfect match of the product, the company and the right moment. Maurice Lacroix believes that any partnership goes beyond the business relationship; it is always about more. The most important is to work with a team; one that is knowledgeable of your product, giving you feedback and exchanging together. The key factor for success is to have the right product with the right partner, but if you don’t have the right partner it’s a fiasco.

We look for a familiar relation with our partners; it’s not about selling as much as it is about rolling success together. We don’t focus only the next couple of years to come – we look at it for a long-term relationship. Our products are a perfect match for Trafalgar portfolio, and Trafalgar clients are the perfect match for us.


If you are to describe Maurice Lacroix in few words, what will they be?

We have four terms to describe Maurice Lacroix: ‘Craftsmanship, Design, Innovation’, and when you mix the three you will have the fourth description – ‘High-Perceived Value’. This spirit of the brand remains in hard working and the pleasure we take with creativity.

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