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Since the founding of Kuwait, Kuwaiti people have been dependent entirely on the sea to make a living so, that makes all Kuwaitis born with passion towards the sea.

Wakeboarding in Kuwait is a growing sport; it gained its audience instantly. A lot of the youth are interested in wakeboarding and watersports in general, so Mavericks took the step and opened a local watersports shop and took watersports to the next level. It’s also a fun way to draw people in and encourage them to play sports.

Mavericks Marine was founded in 2015 and is located in AlRai, Kuwait. They offer a variety of products at their shop including Liquid Force Wakeboards, Swimming Apparel and Axis Boats. They also have their ‘Mavericks Wake School’ that takes place during the summer, and are also working on ‘Mavericks Kite School’! They aspire to reach higher achievements in the near future, and their aim is to be one of the leading water sports company in Kuwait.

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