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Individuality straight from the factory

The moment you decide to ignite your vehicle and embark on a journey into a world of your own, your exclusively customised Porsche ride manifests into your emblem of pride. Porsche Exclusive offers the finest craftsmanship and passion for details to design the car of your dreams to ultimately reflect your personal freedom and individual lifestyle.

Porsche Exclusive stands for what is unique. Individuality straight from the factory represents the zealous process of crafting a number of limited edition models of distinct style and unique features that stand out among the group range. Porsche Centre Kuwait is the first Exclusive Flagship Dealer in the region offering unlimited and exceptional customisation options to its wide base of customers.

Porsche Exclusive further refined the modern classic 911 Targa and developed the 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition, introducing its one unique model to Kuwait. What other way to celebrate the exclusivity than to host an exclusive event to launch this distinctive model. Porsche Centre Kuwait also hosted Porsche Exclusive representatives from Germany to address guests at the event on the essence of Porsche Exclusive.


Torsten Horn – Porsche Middle East

Can you tell us what Porsche Exclusive stands for and what is the concept behind it?

 For more than 30 years, Porsche Exclusive has offered customers the opportunity to tailor and individualise their cars.  The programme provides an enhanced purchase experience, with a plethora of personalisation options that guarantee a car as unique as its owner’s fingerprint.

Porsche Exclusive is based on the core principles of individuality, craftsmanship and tradition, combined with the passion for details.

What does Porsche Exclusive mean in terms of further individualisation offered for every Porsche?

The main objective of Porsche Exclusive is to individualise every car during the ordering process, with particular attention to the smallest details. As such, almost every customer desire, no matter how special it may initially appear, can be fulfilled.

The car is, therefore, reflective of the owner’s personality and allows them to set a statement as they embark on the road. Tailored down to every detail, Porsche Exclusive models reflect the personal freedom and individual lifestyle choice. Customisable elements range from exterior colours to interiors finished in luxurious materials, such as leather, Alcantara, wood, carbon and aluminum.

911 Targa 4S – Exclusive Design Edition

How can a Porsche enthusiast be part of Porsche Exclusive?

Firstly, they can purchase one-off Porsche Exclusive models such as the 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Edition. These special models are a showcase of Porsche Exclusive individualization. Once the models are announced, enthusiasts in Kuwait can contact the Porsche Centre to enquire about the model availability and pre-ordering process for the car.

Special edition models form part of Porsche Exclusive’s dedication to delivering individuality straight from the factory and reflects a long-standing tradition of crafting limited vehicle projects. With each car, the customer receives a specially designed indoor cover as well as a photo album documenting the production process. Every photo book features the individual vehicle identification number (VIN).

Alternatively, individuals who are already at the consideration phase of their Porsche purchase journey can enlist the help of consultants at Porsche Exclusive Flagship Dealership (of which Porsche Centre Kuwait is one)to understand, decide and develop a Porsche model that meets all their requirements.

What are some of the Porsche Exclusive specifications requested by Middle Eastern markets – and Kuwait specifically?

Porsche owners in the Middle East region are discerning and often fulfill the role of taste makers, as such they ensure that their Porsche is a reflection of their personal style and preference. Amongst the popular individualistaion elements in this region are distinctive exterior colours and interiors finished in luxurious materials such as leather, in colours that complement the exterior of the car.



Alexander Beckmann I PAG

Can you tell us about the Exclusive Flagship Dealer Programme?

The Flagship Dealer Programme was established to support customers and dealers in creating their most personal car. The programme gives consultants at dealerships multi-level training and expert insights. This, therefore, enables a Porsche Centre to provide the highest possible degree of individualization, resulting in an inspiring customer experience.

Can you explain what you expect from your Flagship Dealers?

Firstly, we expect our Flagship Dealers to be committed to Porsche customers. They show them what is possible, bring their ideas to life and assist in the crucial decision making process. Porsche Exclusive consultants are specifically trained in the area of custom tailoring in order to deliver the highest form of quality, customer satisfaction and personalisation.

Customers expect knowledgeable and comprehensive advice, and we expect our Flagship Dealers to deliver this.

Porsche Crest embossed on headrests

Cayenne S, Palladium Metallic

 What can you tell us about the newly released Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition and what makes the car so special?

The Porsche 911 Targa is already a highly recognizable style icon in its own right! A modern classic, this novelty version of the model, raises the appeal further, thanks to the added Porsche Exclusive touch.

The model is presented in the special Etna Blue exterior colour with numerous elements accentuated in White Gold Metallic, while the interior features Graphite Blue leather with decorative stitching in Provence Blue.


BurakUslu – Porsche AG

How many Flagship Dealers are there currently, and in the Middle East region?

There are now more than 70 Flagship dealers currently active in more than 30 countries, including the Middle East region. The ultimate aim of this programme is to give customers around the world the chance to personalise their Porsche right from the early stages of the the ordering process.

To make this possible, our consultants maintain close contact with our production teams and receive special training in the area of custom tailoring.

What are the benefits of being part of such a selected small and multi-national community?

The benefits of being part of such a selected small and multi-national Exclusive community are huge. The Exclusive Flagship Dealer teams are given multilevel specialist trainings and have direct support and consultation sessions with Exclusive experts, which provide them with the best business practices for the customers.

718 Cayman S, White Metallic

What are the main values for the dealership, sales staff and customers?

The values of the Flagship Dealer Programme focus on both the customer and the dealer staff. Our key factors for success include visibility of Exclusive options at the point of sale and overall customer levels of satisfaction upon arrival of their car.


Hany Marie – Porsche Centre Kuwait

Can you explain the concept behind hosting Porsche Exclusive events in Kuwait?

Porsche Centre Kuwait aims to organize unforgettable events that showcase a selection of vehicles and specialist products from the Porsche Exclusive range. These events also enable us to highlight our status as an Exclusive Flagship Dealer, of which there are only a few here in the Middle East region.

A recent example was our event to showcase the 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition – a vehicle that reflects the core values of Porsche Exclusive and highlights the endless individualization possibilities on offer. This exclusive event also coincided with the 60th anniversary of Porsche Centre Kuwait, a milestone that we are truly proud of.

What kind of positive experiences are made throughout your participation at the Exclusive Flagship Dealer Programme?

Being part of the Flagship Dealer Programme provides our team with multi-level training and expert insights to equip us with the best business practice to tailor our cars to the special needs of our customers that go above and beyond expectations.

Our highly-trained consultants are always available at Porsche Centre Kuwait to enhance the customers’ authentic Porsche experience and fulfill their dream of creating exclusive personalized vehicles.

What kind of role is Porsche Centre Kuwait playing within this special sales strategy programme?

Porsche Centre Kuwait is one of the active facilities in the region and contributes to a large percentage of the overall Middle East sales records. Over the past years, Porsche Centre Kuwait has asserted its position among the leading centres as we provide our customers with best-in-class services throughout the full stages of their Porsche journey. As a Porsche Flagship Exclusive Dealer, our customers are constantly requesting to know the latest updates and information of all expected exclusive design editions to be announced.


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