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With a limited 218-watch edition of the RICHARD LANGE “Pour le Mérite”, A. Lange & Söhne revives the concept of the uncompromisingly precise timekeeping instrument. The new version in white gold with a black dial had its debut at the company’s international dealer convention in Dresden on 22 September 2016. Its fusée-and-chain transmission ensures constant torque and superb rate accuracy.

The RICHARD LANGE “Pour le Mérite”, first introduced in 2009, exemplifies an ambitious tribute to precision in its purest form: the sole objective of its complication, discernible only on the movement side, is to improve rate accuracy. The pink-gold and platinum versions, now sold out, are now being complemented with a limited white-gold edition featuring a black dial.

Utmost technical complexity

The mechanism guarantees constant torque and thus stability of the amplitude of the balance across the entire power-reserve range. Wrapped around the mainspring barrel, the chain delivers the power of the main-spring to the wheel train via the cone-shaped fusée. In principle, the mechanism works like the gearing of a bicycle except that the gear ratios are infinitely variable rather than fixed.

The 636-part chain can support a weight of over two kilograms. But to fully exploit the positive effect of the fusée-and-chain device, the product developers added a technical refinement: two separate mechanisms block the winding system before fully wound and fully un-wound states. Both prevent the chain – which is only 0.25 millimetres thick and 156 millimetres long – from being overstressed.

The most important parts of the fusée-and-chain device are clearly visible through the sapphire-crystal caseback. Generously dimensioned openings in the three-quarter plate made of German silver reveal the mechanism.

Perfection down to the last detail

Manifesting artisanship at its finest, the engravings on the balance cock as well as on the escape-wheel and fourth-wheel cock give each of the 218 watches the status of a unique work of art. The number of watches of this edition has a special meaning. The current number of global points of sale at which A. Lange & Söhne timepieces are available is 218.

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