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Quentin Carnaille is an architect. Nothing predestined him to produce work in relation to time. Antique watch mechanisms in flea markets will be the raw materials of his creations that will become quickly parts of exceptions. He recovers, dismantles and recycles to create paintings, sculptures and portable installations: “My work is aimed to reveal the beauty that comes from an object whose existence is originally technical, practical and useful.”

With a lot of enthusiasm Carnaille talked to Men’s Passion about his pieces and the stories behind each series.

Although you are an artist, you originally trained as an architect. How this switch happened?

I have a degree in architecture and I fell in love with it, I was very weak at school but I found myself in the architectural world; the more we get involved in the job the more you realize that you have several constraints starting with the norms, the clients’ demands and needs, this made me take a new path, I’m still in the domain of creation but on a different scale.

And how did your interest in timepieces come about?

I started creating cufflinks with watch debris; the idea was to create an aesthetic piece from something that was never thought to be beautiful. One day the magnet on the table creating a mess with all the scattered debris and the ending result was a beautiful sight, so I integrated this in a watch. From there I was starting to get into a more conceptual process. It helped me develop in some areas and this is where I started to have interest in Time and to try develop the technical process regarding the magnet possibilities on one hand, and on the other hand to get involved more and more with time notion while keeping a certain identity: technically it’s the magnet with the watch debris but each sculpture has its own story.

Why create ‘watches’ that don’t tell time?

 Effectively it’s a watch that doesn’t tell time! I figured out that watches became obsolete; in a digital world everyone has access to time through their tablets, phone and wearing a watch doesn’t have meaning anymore unless it’s used to reveal a social level and actually the object in itself doesn’t have a proper utility with all the technological development.

 What does the “Attraction” series present to the public?

The “Attraction” exhibition has several pieces; the Origine sculpture is very galactic and geometric with a messy interior created by watch debris, Apesanteur is a Zero-Gravity environment, the disc floats like an orbiting satellite, Infini is about the notion of time and infinity fusing together where perception is lost at the edge of an abysmal universe. I also created pieces inspired by big masters like Rodin with Penseur, Separation, Dali with Elevation and it was just like an attachment to revive masterpieces.

How do you see your work evolution?

I started haphazardly and will be guided fortuitously!

What do you have to tell us about your choice of CAP to exhibit your sculptures?

We did Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Kuwait, when we saw the gallery we fell in love with it and agreed with the owners to exhibit our pieces. Voilà!

Quentin Carnaille’s ‘Attraction’ continues at CAP Kuwait until 21 October.


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