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Throughout the latter part of April, The Sultan Gallery hosted the exhibition Sibeel Water by artisit Ammar Al Attar, in collaboration with Cuadro Gallery, Dubai.

For this Al Attar visited various UAE neighborhoods to observe different types of water coolers. The artist captures different types of coolers in different spaces.  The most commonly used steel-box coolers are specially made using mosaics by a charitable organization in collaboration with an Islamic architect. They occupy a distinct space outside private homes and mosques.  The artist’s most unique subject was a bench with different taps, stationed outside a mansion in Um Al Quwain. People with large jars crowded the area, in the wait of water. The crowds grew so large that the owner of the house scheduled specific hours for water collection, so that he may have enough time to refill his tanks.

Al Attar presents his “Sibeel Water” series on a pressingly current issue to emphasize the scarcity of water and the importance of sustaining our most precious element.

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