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This fall semester 2016, The Arab Open University, Box Hill College Kuwait, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait University, Kuwait College for Science & Technology, and The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training took part in Startup Kuwait’s semester long program.

Throughout the program, Program Directors and faculty members at each university received training as well as collaborated with external expertise in sourcing students with ideas they wish to pursue and enrolled them into the program. Throughout the program, they received mentorship regarding the pursuit of their ideas and how to present them to external independent judges. Program Directors from each university served to provide guidance and support to their student teams in coordination with resources provided by Startup Kuwait.

The student teams applied with ideas ranging from e-commerce, new applications for genetic testing, to hardware showing a broad sector focus of business ideas, health sector, and F&B.  At the end of the semester, each university’s student teams will participate in a pitch competition at their university and present to a panel of judges alongside other student teams (the internal competition was during last week in December 2016 and first week of January 2017). There are 9 teams advanced to compete at the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Challenge (National Competition – February 12th, 2017 for fall 2016 program) where student teams for the participating university’s will compete for equity free seed financing (KD 4000-6000), plus the successful teams would receive non-cash advisory services on, NDAs, IPs, finance, legal, and accounting. 

Dr. Redha Behebhani, and Dr. Muna Husain have been meeting with the Government institutions, privates sector companies on their engagements with Startup Kuwait.  Startup Kuwait is preparing for the spring 2017 semester (starting on February 18-19th , 2017 with Boot Camp for 2 full days for business idea generation for interested students and faculty from participating universities, for 90+ days business plan idea preparation and pitch) and expanding the program to additional schools or colleges within the current consortium of universities, to encompass more students in Kuwait and is looking forward to engaging with more students, faculty, and players in the Kuwait’s startup ecosystem. The spring 2017, would be the third semester that Startup Kuwait would be running the program and has seen unprecedented progress with students and currently working with over 90 student teams.


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