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We’re Swiss-bound, and before travelling turned to our friends at LHW for advice. On-target, as always, they pointed us towards La Réserve Genève.

At La Réserve Genève, Paris or Ramatuelle, Michel Reybier invites his guests to accompany him in his quest for discreet elegance, to experience a unique story– always different and infinitely refined. A token of recognition naturally sought after by members of a circle of demanding connoisseurs, the Michel Reybier Hospitality label stands for establishments with their own unique style, exceptional locations where regained and jealously guarded intimacy is a fundamental value.

From excellence to emotion In a world of perfection, only unexpected personalized little touches have the ability to make every second truly extraordinary. It is these simple yet sublime tokens of attention that give each La Réserve a unique, warm and caring family mindset. A signature that one rediscovers with delight with each new stay, for the sheer pleasure of letting go in an atmosphere that is chic, authentic and incredibly rare.

A sense of being at home Hotels, spas, restaurants… La Réserve interprets its way of life like an invitation to get in touch with the inner self, the body, the senses. A world of high standards where the best that nature has to offer in a plate rubs shoulders with the latest avant-garde, science in the realm of treatments. Where guests feel as if they are in a home from home, finally ready to relax and recharge their batteries in complete peace. To, savor the slow pace and the art of living as an utter privilege.

A secret territory far from prying eyes A 5 star hotel and spa designed as a lodge in a world beyond time, reminiscent of a lost paradise on the outer edges of a legendary Africa. A spa, four restaurants, 29 suites and 73 rooms that tell a story of a wonderful journey, far from the rest of the world. A warm, relaxed atmosphere, with a magical view over the waters of the lake beyond the park.

Miracle or mirage? Some places just exude a mysterious power, as if the waves of positive harmony created a feeling of plenitude, of a natural connection with the inner self. La Réserve Genève is one of these. Whether for a night or a few days, it procures a delicious sensation of feeling at home right from the first moment. Nestled in a tawny-colored leather club armchair in front of a monumental fireplace in winter; or lazing in the sun beside the pool in summer.

Geneva, the Swiss art of living At once cosmopolitan, sporting, artistic, historic, natural, tranquil and vibrant, the city that gave us the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau and some of the greatest watchmakers in the world lives in several time zones at once.

The marriage of textures and the fragrance of rarespices offer amazing culinary experiences, to be tasted in the quiet peace of private rooms or on the terrace, with a view over the lake and the mountains.

A comet on a star-studded trail
In October 2016, the Michelin guide rewarded the Tsé Fung. Frank Xu originally hails from Shenzhen and initially exercised his talents in Geneva. Now in Geneva since August 2015, it has taken him just over a year to gain this much-coveted recognition and earn Le Tsé Fung the first Michelin star ever awarded to a Chinese restaurant in Switzerland.

“Canton and indeed China as a whole has found itself an incomparable ambassador in Frank Xu! HIs creations are authentic and delicious, meticulously put together with first-class products; the desserts in particular delight the taste buds and make a lasting impression… Beautiful views over the gardens and the lake”.
MICHELIN Guide inspectors

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