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The Gulf Concours celebrates three important values for car owners and car buyers: excellence, heritage and originality and Vacheron Constantin supported -as partner of this distinctive event- this unique gathering of the world’ s finest and rarest cars by welcoming discerning collectors and owners of these extraordinary creations as they celebrate the exclusive craftsmanship, individuality and passion required to create these remarkable automotive works of art.


Gulf Concours events differ from Motor Shows as they also celebrate very rare cars that have already been owned and cherished by discerning owners. Owners of premium brand cars in the Middle East are leading the world in specifying stunning modern bespoke cars, creating a new category of Concours-standard cars that will become the global “must have” collectable cars of the future.

As a tribute to a proud, rich heritage and traditions, Vacheron Constantin created a timepiece to be preserved for future generations.

Some of the distinct features of the Arab and Islamic heritage are traditions, arts, hospitality, tolerance, lifestyle and values. Since the pre-Islamic era, Arabs are attached to the art of falconry. Primarily a means to supplement an otherwise meager diet, falconry was integral part of desert life. Today, falconry is practiced purely for sport, but the skill of the falconer is still highly esteemed and the power and beauty of the falcon greatly treasured. Through time and progress the Arabs gave special care to falcons, the sport of hunting and its preservation. The official and public efforts have been integrated in drawing the portrait of enthusiasm for hunting, which relate them back to the lifestyle and the traditions of their ancestors.

In the same spirit as falconry has been cherished as the cultural heritage of the region, Vacheron Constantin has since 260 years safeguarded and further developed the tradition of fine Swiss watchmaking. The Maison master watchmakers and craftsmen have expressed this common spirit in a unique way in the Métiers d’Art Gyr.


The demanding art of hand engraving calls for exceptional patience and dexterity. It is used in the Maison right from the start as a means of achieving ethereal lightness. The first watch created by Jean-Marc Vacheron in 1755 already featured an open worked and engraved balance-cock. A master in the practice of this extremely intricate discipline carves the falcon, delicately applied to the dial center, from a solid piece of 18K white gold with the bird’s details being only a fraction of a millimeter wide. The design and expression of the game is inspired by the Gyr falcon, considered as the most prestigious falcon in the GCC, symbol of pride, determination and intelligence

All movement components are indeed finely finished in accordance with the criteria of the Hallmark of Geneva, a quality label of which Vacheron Constantin is the most faithful representative.

Above and beyond the technical prowess they preserve, these creations celebrate an artistic vision of time and tell of stories inspired by arts and cultures from the United Arab Emirates.

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